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Surface Finish

Review our Technology Section for information about Surface Finish measurement

Mahr Federal Inc. provides excellent solutions for your surface finish measurement needs. Shop floor solutions are readily available. Contact us to arrange for consultations and recommendations, tailored to your specific requirements

Click here for the New portable solution, the Pocket Surf PS1

The Mahr Perthometer M1 is a great choice for basic surface finish measurement needs.

Mahr Perthometer M1
Measuring range up to 150 m (6000 in)
Measuring units m/in selectable
Standards: DIN/ISO/JIS
Tracing lengths 1,75 mm; 5,6 mm; 17,5 mm (0,07 in; 0,22 in; 0,7 in)
Cutoff 0,25 mm/0,8 mm/2,5 mm (0,01 in/0,032 in/0,100 in)
Reduced cutoff selectable
Number of sampling lengths selectable from 1 to 5
Automatic selection of filter and tracing length confirming to standards
Phase-corrected profile filter as per DIN EN ISO 11562
Parameters as per DIN/ISO/SEP: Ra, Rz, Rmax, RPc and JIS: Ra, Rz
Automatic scaling according to the profile amplitude
Printing of roughness profile and measuring record
Dynamic pick-up calibration
Blocking of instrument settings to prevent unintentional modifications


Mahr Federeal Perthometer M1 Basic Surface Finish Measurement

For even more advanced surface finish measurement requirements,
the Mahr Perthometer M2 is a great fit

Mahr Federal  Perthometer M2 Advanced Surface Finish Measurement
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